We are just a little bit excited about the new season potatoes which have arrived at the shop from Pittormie Fruit Farm, in Fife! They all look wonderfully fresh in their paper sacks – no plastic waste here! – and we thought it would be useful to put together this blog post to tell our customers about

Yukon Gold

These little beauties are widely acclaimed as having “built in butter” because they taste so buttery! They have smooth yellow skin and very yellow, waxy flesh. You can use these potatoes for boiling, steaming, baking and for chips. This cultivar was developed in Canada and the name comes from both the Yukon River and the golden colour of the potato. We have come across this recipe for Indian Spiced Potato Wedges, we think it look yummy!


This extrememly versatile potato has an excellent home-grown, earthy taste. It’s a good all rounder, you can boil, roast, bake and make chips with them, but they are not recommended as a salad potato. Their skin is mid brown and slightly rough whilst their slightly waxy flesh is cream with a medium dry texture which holds its shape well when boiled. This recipe doesn’t specify Wilja potatoes but they would be an ideal choice

Red Duke (of York)

These large, red skinned potatoes have a truly excellent taste! Their skin keeps its deep red colour during cooking and once cut the white flesh is revealed. The cultivar was developed in The Netherlands and they are one of the few heritage varieties which are commercially available. These potatoes are best steamed and this recipe for Steamed Potatoes with Thyme will show off the red skins beautifully


Although classed a floury variety, Premiere potatoes actually have a creamy, slightly waxy texture. They are excellent for boiling, baking, roasting, and making chips or they can be enjoyed as a salad potato. If cooking them to eat cold please note that the flesh has a tendency to crumble after cooking but once cooled, will firm up again, ready for slicing. These yummy potatoes have a thin, smooth yellow skin and are cream coloured inside. Here’s a simple recipe for making the best baked potatoes

We hope this leaves you feeling better informed about choosing which type of potatoes to buy for which purpose.

Please do ask a member of the Gather team if you have any questions when choosing your potatoes, we are very happy to help you!

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